Edstrom Community Consulting provides educational, community development,and  training & facilitation solutions that create the foundations for lasting community change.

Educational Development

We believe that some change begins on paper or the screen.  Whether for printed texts, eTextbooks or classroom-ready supplemental materials, we create innovative and high-quality curriculum and assessment units that meet state standards and school objectives while focusing on essential questions and enduring understandings. Our custom products will align to any standards and specifications your business requires.


Community Consulting

We believe in serving the community with the highest standard of care.  Whether providing organizations with strategic planning and program feasibility assessment or developing and implementing giving plans, ECC wants to assist you in making smart, efficient and effective choices to create lasting community change.

Training & Facilitation

We believe that one key to lasting community change is building a foundation of learning.  Our traditional trainings focus on strategies that maximize better schools and better leaders.  For organizations that want to invest in even deeper change, we provide longer-term, team-driven learning experiences in which you set the goal and we facilitate the process to get you there.