Innovative, well-conceived curriculum and assessment tools are the building blocks for educational change.  Within our Educational Development practice we:

  • develop custom assessment tools including, but not limited to, performance assessments, long and short answer assessments, and  multiple choice assessments
  • create developmental continuums and rubrics that can be used at the district, school and classroom level
  • develop curriculum units that meet Common Core, state standards and school objectives and focus on essential questions rather than activities
  • develop custom products and technology solutions that meet the needs of a district, school and classroom


We have over a decade of experience in educational and nonprofit governance, management and development. Let us help you make a more impactful difference in the community in a cost-effective way.   Our Community Consulting practice offers the following services:

  • development of effective outcome-driven strategic plans for community organizations
  • creation and implemention of meaningful giving guidelines for grant-making foundations and organizations
  • development of effective marketing collateral for community outreach including brands, web presence and automated giving systems
  • development of partnerships between giving organizations and grantee organizations
  • grant-writing services


We offer a wide array of training seminars to the education and non-profit community.  Our seminars provide community leaders in the education and non-profit sector with cutting-edge methods and practices based on the latest research, customized to meet the needs of your organization.  A sample of our Training Seminar topics include:  

  • Authentic Assessment
  • Backwards Mapping: From Outcomes to Learning
  • Understanding the Common Core Standards
  • Collective Leadership for School Settings
  • Collective Leadership for Non-profit Settings
  • Maximizing Volunteer Power
  • Friendraising

In addition, ECC offers long-term project consulting and facilitation services that allows your organization to set goals and meet them collectively.