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Edstrom Community Consulting provides educational, community development,and  training & facilitation solutions that create the foundations for lasting community change.

Educational Development

We believe that some change begins on paper or the screen.  Whether for printed texts, eTextbooks or classroom-ready supplemental materials, we create innovative and high-quality curriculum and assessment units that meet state standards and school objectives while focusing on essential questions and enduring understandings. Our custom products will align to any standards and specifications your business requires.


Community Consulting

We believe in serving the community with the highest standard of care.  Whether providing organizations with strategic planning and program feasibility assessment or developing and implementing giving plans, ECC wants to assist you in making smart, efficient and effective choices to create lasting community change.

Training & Facilitation

We believe that one key to lasting community change is building a foundation of learning.  Our traditional trainings focus on strategies that maximize better schools and better leaders.  For organizations that want to invest in even deeper change, we provide longer-term, team-driven learning experiences in which you set the goal and we facilitate the process to get you there.

Founded in 2005 by educator and community leader,  Jennifer Harris Edstrom, Edstrom Community Consulting provides innovative solutions in both educational and community development spheres.

Edstrom Community Consulting believes that there are many avenues to building lasting community change.  Whether developing innovative and high-quality assessment and curriculum design for schools, providing consultation and implementation of  community development and giving solutions, or providing the training and facilitation required for social innovation, Edstrom Community Consulting wants to build a better tomorrow with you.

Jennifer Harris Edstrom, founder and principal consultant of Edstrom Community Consulting, has a over a decade of assessment experience garnered from work within school and nonprofit settings.  She began her career as a public school teacher who then moved into the field of educational publishing.  Throughout her publishing career, she has overseen the content development of high-stakes testing programs at all grade-levels and in all subject areas including assisting the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Assessment and Arts Supervisor for the State of Washington in researching, developing, and implementing their Goal 2 authentic performance assessments in the areas of Art, Music, Drama and Dance, now being used across the state at the elementary, middle and high school grades.

Ms. Edstrom founded Edstrom Educational Consulting in 2005.  Through her leadership, she grew a large client base that includes notable educational publishing divisions, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and CTB/McGraw-Hill.  In her role as principal consultant, Ms. Edstrom has acted as an advisor in the best practices of curriculum and assessment, as well as authored curriculum and assessment materials of the highest quality with attention to specifications.   She has instructed educators in both small and large-group settings with a focus on all aspects of curriculum and assessment, from testing best practices, types of assessment and creation of rubrics.  

Ms. Edstrom believes in serving her community with the highest standard of care.  As a result, she has expanded our firm to include services to maximize community development.  Our new name, Edstrom Community Consulting, reflects this mission.  She served as the President of the Junior League of San Diego from 2012-2013 (elected 2010).  In preparation for this role, she received three years of extensive non-profit management training, including, but not limited to financial duty of care, grant-making and grant-writing, as well as exposure to a broad range of nonprofit organizations in the San Diego community.  In addition, she is a member of Las Patronas, a grant-making organization, since 2013.  In both her consulting and volunteer work, Jennifer Edstrom has honed her relationship and facilitation skills allowing for efficient and positive client-consultant relations.  

In addition to her work with EEC, Ms. Edstrom supervises emerging teachers who are studying at University of San Diego. Her research interests focus on instructional reform, professional development, educational technology and inquiry-based instructional strategies.

Ms. Edstrom earned her B.A. from Wellesley College and M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Educational Sciences (SOLES).   She was a graduate fellow to Dr. Joi Spencer and winner of an Award of Distinction for her thesis entitled, “Inquiry to identity: An examination of Lesson and Learning Study as a tool to increase professional identity.”

Our Clients Say

""Since 2007, I have had the pleasure of hiring Jennifer Edstrom as both a consultant and a freelance writer. Jennifer’s work has been stellar, and I have consistently relied on her expertise to support our most high-profile projects. As a consultant, Jennifer is a trusted partner who collaborates with her clients not only to tailor projects to meet client needs, but also refining project parameters to deliver quality work, on time, and on budget. As a freelance writer, Jennifer consistently delivers manuscript that is of the highest quality. Jennifer has a keen attention to detail that streamlines workflow without sacrificing quality. Even with the most challenging schedules, Jennifer always meets deadlines. I would highly recommend Jennifer’s work to any organization."

-Lynn Johnson, Holt-McDougal

"Jennifer’s strengths include excellent content and assessment knowledge, planning and organization skills, commitment to quality completion of assignments, and attention to detail. She is self-directed and has proven reliability as both a full-time employee and as a consultant."

Heather Benson, Riverside Publishing

"Your expertise and passion for [Authentic Assessment] allow you to speak with confidence and ease, that makes for an interactive and engaging time with your participants.  Feedback regarding your presentation today was overwhelmingly positive, with all respondents indicating that you “Absolutely” provided valuable take-aways, that you spoke well and that they felt their time was well-invested in this morning’s session."

Kelly Parisa, The Children's School

"The level of time and thought that went into ECC's trainings was apparent.  Multiple members commented that the ECC training on collective leadership was the best JLSD training they had ever been part of--and for a training organization, that speaks volumes!"

Erin Leventhal, President 2014-15, Junior League of San Diego